Monday, March 1, 2010

In the beginning...

Let me take you on a journey you may relate to. A journey to find the freedom we all desire. We all have a lifestyle we desire, the only difference is in the packaging.

Did you ever have a dream of being a Rockstar? Jumping around your bedroom in your P.J.'s singing into your hairbrush with every breath you could muster. You were the star. The one they all came to hear sing. Teddy bears from all over, came to watch your crazy stage antics, your energy, your passion.
Mid performance, right as you are working up to your biggest moment in the whole show, it happens... BANG! BANG! BANG! "Will you keep it down in there!" comes your mother's voice. Or worse still, she quietly sneaks the door open to watch how 'cute' you are. You haven't heard anything over your tone-deaf performance, and just as you hit that really high note and you're in the climax of your air guitar solo, you spin around to see her staring and laughing at you! You are dying of embarrasment inside, but determined to share the humour of it all. You both start to laugh. She leaves the room and you lock the door this time, never to experience that level of embarassment again!
As children, we allow ourselves to marinate in our dreams. We use all our senses when we create our fantasies. We can hear, see, smell, feel and taste the atmosphere as if we are really there. No matter what we are told by 'crusty old adults', we make our dreams a reality.
So, as we age, what is it that happens to us to make us stop believing that we are in control of our own dreams?

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