Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Living in a Fish Bowl

Where have our dreams gone? Media have a lot to answer for and we can't seem to help fall victim to their web. Like going to a doctor, we rely on media to tell us the reality of what's happening. Sadly, the propagander got the better of them all, because Bad News sells!

Everyday, we are surrounded by Bad news. I'm not talking about disasters around the world, I'm talking about the kind of information that lacks substance and is detrimental to our minds. But seriously, ask yourself this: Am I part of the problem or part of the solution?

As a general population, we have very low self esteem, self worth, self concept and pretty much any other 'self' you can think of! Buying into the propagander makes you part of the problem.

We need to reclaim our thinking and make our own choices. Would you consider your best friend to be making good choices if they took advice from a magazine article, telling them how unsatisfied their man is in the bedroom, and that these are the 'best' positions to make her a better lover? Or would you think more of her if she laughed it off, remarking how sad it is that people take advice on important personal issues from a columnist who is only interested in generating circulation of their article? Doesn't it make more sense to make your own decisions on what works and what doesn't and seek advice from a trained professional who knows what they're talking about!

Children are becoming more aware of this type of loose 'Advice' and are trusting less in their own abilities to think, decide and act. We live in a fast pace world and make decisions without much thought. Encourage your children to slow down, take a breath, then weigh up their options. They will soon see, very few decisions need to be made in under 10 minutes and that's all it takes to stop and think.

With five children, I do all I can to encourage their dreams of being a Rockstar and enjoying their fantasies whilst they are children. I know it won't be long before the media will get hold of their impressionable minds and they will start to question their hopes and dreams and start thinking they need to conform.

By reducing exposure to the 'Bad' News, I can only hope that I have given them the courage and strength within themselves to know - "It's ok to think for myself and trust in my intuititions. It's ok if I'm different, being an individual is a GOOD thing!"

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